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  • How soon can I receive my delivery?
    Delivery of contact lenses upon confirming of a valid prescription will usually takes 2 to 5 working days* on average. Should there be any delays, you will be promptly notified beforehand and informed once ready. Do note that for the first purchase, our Mobile Optometrist will deliver the lenses and do a quick eye health check which takes less than 5 minutes. 

    In-store collection will be available from 1 working day* on average.

    *some multi-focal, astigmatism or plus power lenses will take slightly more days.

  • What is the delivery charge?
    Delivery will be free if purchase is made over $50 in Singapore only. Otherwise, it will be $5 for delivery.

  • Do you ship worldwide?
    No. Unfortunately at this moment, we do not offer overseas deliveries. For arrangements under special circumstances however, please email or WhatApps us at (+65) 97788346 for us to see if we are able to work something out for you.

  • How do you deliver my contact lenses?
    Our mobile optometrist will deliver the lenses that was prescribed for you via. two modes of delivery: Either visit personally to your doorstep for all first purchase or through registered mail locally for subsequent purchase.

    **Do note that a verification call will be done beforehand to ensure someone is already present in the vicinity, before our mobile optometrist makes his way down to your address.**


  • Can I return and exchange my contact lenses?
    We only accept exchanges from customers who have previously purchased their contact lenses from us and are still in good condition (full packaging, non tampered and unopened contact lens box/es). Exchanges are applicable only if you are unable to adjust to your new prescription, or if the lenses prescribed are causing any significant issues to your vision and/or comfort.


    In addition, over time, should there be any changes in your prescription, we'll be more than happy to arrange an "exchange" for all your remaining (full packaging , non-tampered and unopened) contact lens boxes.


    ***For all exchange-related issues, please drop by to our physical store only and we'll assist you in troubleshooting your needs.***

  • What if I need to amend my order?
    Though we process our customers' orders swiftly and efficiently, we'll do our best to accommodate to your requests. Do WhatApps us promptly about the changes necessary at (+65) 97788346. 


  • I have a problem with my contact lenses.
    E.g. The box of contact lens I've been always using are suddenly no longer comfortable. What should I do?
    Wait! In the (rare) event that there is an actual 'defect' in the lenses, we may be able to provide you with a warranty replacement. So before discarding those affected lenses, bring them back to our physical store, and let us see if something can be arranged for you.